I love the transparency and fluidness of watercolor and the discovery of patterns, shapes and colors.  I paint primarily botanical watercolors, but also work in graphite and pen and ink. I have always been drawn to detail and enjoy subtleties in color, differences and similarities in shape, and variation in line. I try to capture the beauty and grace that are inherent in plants and nature while giving each subject its own particular identity.

Showings & Exhibitions

Botanical Art Exhibition 

Brushwood Center,
Riverwoods IL

November-December 2018

Juried Exhibitions

Selected for the Juried  21st Annual Botanical Art Exhibition, Filoli, Woodside, CA, March 1-May 5, 2019

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"Botanical painting is a quiet time for me. I enjoy the study and discovery of patterns that make each specimen unique or similar to another. "

Susie Williams, Botanic Artist

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